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Last night, we were Victorious

I have been listening to Panic! At The Disco non stop since last night. I have not been able to bring myself to listen to anything else because I am still haunted, in the best possible way, since the concert. … Continue reading

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The Magic in Music

I love my new course, but damn it’s time consuming! I’ve been staring at my inbox while scribbling down my lecture and tutorial notes, waiting to write this post. I love my Daily Prompt emails. If you aren’t following those … Continue reading

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Countdown to my date with Fall Out Boy – 7 days to go

As much as I love Fall Out Boy, there was something that always wore at me, like a farmer’s friend hidden in my sock. Patrick was the star. He was frontman plus sorted out the composition of FOB’s music. Don’t … Continue reading

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If you love me let me go

Everybody, apparently, has that one song that sums up their entire lives. Or a movie. Or even a book. For me, I have never had that. I don’t think that makes me weird . But to be honest, I never … Continue reading

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