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#LoveMe – A note to my past self

Why are you doing #LoveMe? A photo of you A word that describes you A person who loves you A note to the past you A note to the future you One thing that’s just for you Share a scar … Continue reading

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“The Grownup” by Gillian Flynn

A little while ago, I took part in that viral Facebook status that was all about generating book sales. You probably saw it: the status about #savetheculture (I think that was the hashtag) where if you were one of the first … Continue reading

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So, as you may have noticed, I hardly ever do book tags anymore. I’m not entirely sure why I stopped. I just realised the other day that I just stopped doing these tag things. Anyway, I found this tag on … Continue reading

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“Flight Behaviour” by Barbara Kingsolver

I have hit a new low, guys. It took me twenty days to finish this book. Almost three weeks to finish a book that had less than 500 pages. I am so ashamed of myself. Ordinarily, if a book takes … Continue reading

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#32 “Eden” by Candice Fox

Goose – Dawn O’Porter Murder in Mississippi – John Safran Elianne – Judy Nunn Divergent – Veronica Roth Insurgent – Veronica Roth Allegiant – Veronica Roth The Messenger – Markus Zusak Fragile Things – Neil Gaiman The Mammoth Book of Angels and Demons NOS4R2 – Joe Hill Hades – Candice … Continue reading


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Explorin’ Bloglovin’

I’m really no good at social media. Sure I spend an inordinate amount of time on Facebook and all of my photos have that Instagram sheen, but for the most part I’m a social media newbie. I had to have … Continue reading

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