#LoveMe – overcoming fears


  1. Why are you doing #LoveMe?
  2. A photo of you
  3. A word that describes you
  4. A person who loves you
  5. A note to the past you
  6. A note to the future you
  7. One thing that’s just for you
  8. Share a scar
  9. Share something beautiful
  10. Share a secret
  11. Share a smile
  12. Share a flaw
  13. Share a quote
  14. Share a fear you overcame
  15. Something you have done right
  16. Something you like about yourself 
  17. Something that feeds your soul
  18. Something that feeds your brain
  19. Something you feel strongly about
  20. Something you love to wear
  21. Something you are proud of
  22. What makes you unique?
  23. What is your best feature?
  24. What makes you happy?
  25. What makes you laugh?
  26. What makes you feel beautiful?
  27. What have you accepted about yourself?
  28. What have you learned from doing #LoveMe these past twenty-eight days?

Thinking back, I honestly don’t believe I’ve conquered that many of my fears. I’ve done things that were a bit scary but I wasn’t scared at the time of doing them. Moving to a brand new city when I was nineteen by myself was fine because I had mates up here already. Leaving everything familiar in that city to move to Canberra four years later was fine because I moved in with family and I knew I needed space.

None of those things felt like overcoming fears because they aren’t my fears. Does that make sense?

What I will say is that I’m getting better at standing up for myself, telling people when they hurt me, and explaining what it is I need from people at any given point, be that space or support. I used to take on a lot by myself and not let anyone else into how I was feeling when those feelings were anything less than happy. I hated crying in front of people because I kind of felt like it was a kind of weakness.
I’m getting better at vocalising things, because if someone makes me feel in anyway negative, that’s not necessarily my problem. It is not necessarily my fault, and that was a big thing to realise.

So I guess the fear I’ve conquered is the fear that if I am in anyway not 100% happy at all times, people will think I’m too much work and will leave.


About Bec Graham

Bec Graham, 24, was born on the wrong continent. Everything from her burns-like-paper skin tone to her inability to cope with the slightest hint of a hot day suggests she should have been born under the gloomy skies and mild sun of the UK. She hopes writing will get her to her rightful home one day. Failing that, she scans the skies for a spinning blue police box, hoping to catch a lift back to the motherland.
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