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So Death Week has turned into Fatal Fortnight and therefore everything is psychology, studying, referencing, and real-life writing all the time. At least until tomorrow night. At 6.50pm I will be settling in at Palace Cinemas to watch my main main Hiddleston play a suicidal, vampire musician in Only Lovers Left Alive alongside the thespian talents of John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, and Mia Wasikowska. Never heard of it? I don’t blame you. Surprisingly, this is an indie film. So have a trailer:

Anyway, while it’s still morning and early enough for me to not feel guilty about lounging on the couch in my pyjamas watching Will & Grace, instead of researching my assignment, I decided to do a bit of blogging. Now, I am still re-reading The Mortal Instruments, so there will be no book blogging until City of Heavenly Fire (which I ordered from Barnes & Noble in the US, so my final Clace, Sizzy, Malec adventure will be signed!) or if I end up finishing the series too fast and have time to squeeze in The Shadowhunters’ Codex. So this blog is brought to you by the lovely bloggers over at The Broke and The Bookish.

While I am still waiting for the time to do justice to my 30 Seconds To Mars experience on my birthday last month, I thought I would show you the top ten things related to my book fandoms that I would buy if I had the money.

So, in no particular order, here are my top ten bookish fetishes:

  1. I have been planning for a chest tattoo based on The Infernal Devices for at least a year. I have the design all planned, I just need the money to pay for it. A chest piece is a pricey piece of artwork!
  2. Steampunk Beauty and the Beast Charm Necklace

    Belle has always been my favourite Disney princess. Simply for the fact that she was always a little different, never fell for the “handsome” guy, loved the Beast when he was a beast, and always had her nose in a book. I already have a tattoo of Belle on my left shoulder. Out of all the classic Disney princesses, she was always the one who struck me as having her head screwed on straight. And this necklace has everything: the rose, the mirror, and steampunk!

  3. I don’t have a lot of awesome workout clothes. Lorna Jane is too expensive and the workout tights I have are hand-me-downs from my mother. Plus, all the shirts I use are old band shirts or shirts I’ve had for years and wouldn’t wear anywhere else. So when I was bored one day, I found this. I want it so badly!
  4. Victoria Secret Maxi Coat

    Now, how much does this look like a certain consulting detective’s overcoat? I am aware that this is not strictly “bookish”, as the look is based on Cumberbatch’s Sherlock’s look, but the series is based on Conan Doyle’s original stories, so that counts, right?

  5. Now, if only I looked like that model! I have had an obsession with Hamlet ever since high school when we had to study it. Then I saw Mel Gibson’s portrayal of the Danish prince, and then David Tennant’s portrayal, and the more familiar I became with the play, the more I fell in love with it. Hamlet may be the only Shakespeare play I ever studied that I actually liked. This includes Romeo and Juliet. R&J annoys me! So. Much.
  6. Tessa’s clockwork angel pendant

    Are you seeing how intricate that is? How absolutely stunning? Can’t you just imagine those gorgeous wings whirring and  beating against the hollow of your throat as the angel came to life to save you? I can. Anyone have a spare $95?

  7. Wicked Witch Bookmark

    How amazing is this bookmark? Seriously, the detail in it is just incredible. Now, given that I always have my books in my bag, this bookmark would be destroyed so quickly. But a girl can dream, right?

  8. The Book Seat

    All readers know of the eternal struggle to find a comfortable position in which to read, right? The innovative little pillow could totally help to win that battle. And if you’re on a plane, public transport, or on a long road trip this book seat would be the perfect thing!

  9. Vampire Academy Jersey

    The actual shirt looks a little different to this shot, but the idea is the same. It’s how I always imagined the St Vladimir’s athletic uniform would look. Plus, you can get different names on the back. I would get Belikov because, well, I am Team Dimitri. But you can also get Ivashkov, for party-boy-with-a-heart-of-sullied-gold ,Adrian.

  10. The Bibliochaise and Bibliopouf

    My future grown up house will have one of these chairs. I would have to change the books every few months so that I can always grab the next book I want to read. And every once in a while I would probably have to clear off a whole lot of space to make room for my book purchases. And because this chair is so angular-looking, I would probably have to buy some cushions:





About Bec Graham

Bec Graham, 24, was born on the wrong continent. Everything from her burns-like-paper skin tone to her inability to cope with the slightest hint of a hot day suggests she should have been born under the gloomy skies and mild sun of the UK. She hopes writing will get her to her rightful home one day. Failing that, she scans the skies for a spinning blue police box, hoping to catch a lift back to the motherland.
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17 Responses to My Bookish Fetish(es)

  1. THAT CHAIR! Ahhhh! I need it in my life! I need all of these things in my life!

    • Bec Graham says:

      I know!!!! The only thing that chair needs is somewhere to put a mug 🙂

      • True true, maybe there needs to be a bibliocoffeetable added to the set?

      • Bec Graham says:

        Omg, Yes! That would be even better! A while matching set!

      • Right!!

        Unrelated: I was just sending the link to the new synopsis from TMI Source to a friend who hasn’t seen it yet, and I decided to meander through the comments. Seems like there is a large consensus that the betrayal will be Magnus (which I just don’t think is right) but someone mentioned the Seelie Queen. Seriously though, I still haven’t been able to figure her out, and honestly had forgotten all about her because her character confuses me! Thoughts?

      • Bec Graham says:

        Ohhhhhh!!!! She sided with Johnathan! That makes total sense!!!! No way can it be Magnus. He might be totally pissed with Alec, but he still loves him. He wouldn’t betray him. And he can’t become an Endarkened because he’s a warlock. Nah…maybe Maryse? To protect Alec and Izzy? With a cheating husband and a dead youngest son, there wouldn’t be much Maryse wouldn’t do for her kids…

      • She could send the whole Fey to the dark side, and that would definitely be a betrayal to the Nephilim!

        Magnus definitely can’t be the one, everyone keeps bringing up his dad being a big bad demon. I think they missed the whole “Magnus hates his father” thing. Just because we will be finding out who his dad is for the first time, doesn’t mean he will be. He has always known who he is!

        Robert Lightwood is a bastard and already a on the wrong side in my mind! I hope Maryse isn’t put in that position, she isn’t my favorite character, but that lady has gone through enough!

      • Bec Graham says:

        Exactly! Whoa, what a thought. All those fairies…evil *shudder*.

        Yeah, it seems people are forgetting that scene where Magnus summons that epic demon and they talk about his dad…you can FEEL the hatred through the page. It’s like these people are treating Magnus the way the Shadowhunters treated Jace when they found out his dad was Valentine.

        Robert is definitely a bastard! Hate him. And I totally agree with you. Some characters jyst need to be left alone for a little while 🙂

  2. Tony Single says:

    I wanna see Only Lovers Left Alive so bad. I’m crossing my fingers that I won’t be disappointed when I do! 🙂

    • Bec Graham says:

      I promise you won’t be. Everything about this film is incredible. And darling-of-the-internet Tom Hiddleston can definitely go dark enough to play a suicidal vampire rock star. Flawless performances from the entire cast.
      I’m going to start gushing in a minute so I’m just going to stop here 😀

  3. I want all these things, but mostly the Hamlet leggings!!! -The Collectress

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