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Flash Fiction

Do you guys know what flash fiction, or micro fiction, is? It’s stories that don’t span longer than approximately 300 words. It may sound easy, but to convey a whole story in such a small space is so much harder … Continue reading

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Let me paint you a word picture

This morning, when it was colder outside than it is inside a fridge, we all went for a walk through the bushland behind the house. There was a hill involved. Nothing too drastic, but telling people it only took me … Continue reading

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Books are windows to the mind

She walked into my office backwards. I was already reaching for my script pad when she turned around and revealed a wobbling stack of books in her arms. As professionally as I could, I leapt out of my chair and … Continue reading

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My Bookish Fetish(es)

So Death Week has turned into Fatal Fortnight and therefore everything is psychology, studying, referencing, and real-life writing all the time. At least until tomorrow night. At 6.50pm I will be settling in at Palace Cinemas to watch my main … Continue reading

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And the winner is…

It is the joyous time of year when all of the tutors in all of the university degrees get together and decide that all of the students get to have no social life for at least seven days. Do these … Continue reading

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